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Application Form: Supporting the translation of Uruguayan literary works

* Mandatory content
  • The programme is open to publishers, translators, literary agents, authors, librarians and any other participants in the publishing and reading sectors.

    The call for proposals will follow an "open window" selection procedure; applications will remain open from January 1, 2016, until all resources are duly allocated. The deadline is September 30, 2016.

    Before application, all works to be submitted must have been published, either digitally or in print. Translation of unpublished material will not be funded.

    Works of all literary genres will be considered. Anthologies (by author or genre) may also be submitted. Reading the Call for Proposals Rules and Regulations before completing the form is strongly advised. 

    This form will be considered an affidavit to all purposes.


  • Publisher
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Specifics of work to be translated
  • In the case of an anthology (by author or genre), please list all of the texts to be included in the anthology
  • Translator information
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • About the proposed publication
  • I hereby declare that:
  • I accept the Call for Proposals Rules and Regulations *